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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2014 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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public finance to identify ways to streamline the procurement process and that will include the review felt contracts and city procedures and that's in the early phases but will be continued to be streamlined. information technology finally we have a rebuild it program and compounds in place to make sure the infrastructure and systems for the new hospital are in place to support the patient care and improve the workflow and provide a stronger foundation for future systems. i'm going to turn it over to ron alameda >> thank you ron alameda department of public works manager for the rebuild. i'll happy to update you with
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the - is that better? okay. happy to update you think the highlights since the last quarter and the last jc c report. kind of a whole lot of the same as before just a large thrust ever activity with three to four hundred people on site on a daily basis starting with the emergency generator phase one has been completed tennis e since last august we've had the two campus generators actively servicing the campus so that's a great endeavor. phase two which is principlely the introduction of new boilers to the right steam production
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with the removal of the old steam generators as well as the final testing for the 3 rebuild generators that constitutes phase two. we see this summer phase two concluding. we're currently projecting may though i've got concerns about bleeding into june or so with the completion of the generators but the physical work is moving along fairly well. there's also a bit of a tail with close out in terms of the paperwork. however, we are closed to wrapping this emergency generator project. in terms of the rebuild proper the hospital rebuilt the exterior is really starting to
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look completed that is a recent photo from katrero avenue. most of the sun shades are up and the windows are up the man lifts is s are gone the exterior walls are bottomed up it's starting to take shape. in the bullet item the top off piece of steel on top of the round geographic you see think the photo the plazas site work is starting studio advance the beginnings of what we call the site restatement activity that is to lay out the final stairs and pavements and such. - >> thank you. as well as just yesterday, we started to tear up the road along the wing buildings to
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start putting that into its final configuration as well we're seeing the beginnings of becoming up the outside configurations. we are about 14 months away from subsequential completion and less than 23 months with move in the mechanic and electrical systems are advance on all the floors it's taking shape you can see how the functions are starting to take shape on each of the floors. we're, you know, pouring data cables and landed most of the major equipment it's tying all those together with the connections and plumbing and data and electrical. the dry wall installation is pretty sure over the humble, if
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you will, in terms of the the thufrt of becoming up the wall we're struggling with readiness to bottom-up the ceilings and making sure that everything the next slide in the schedule you'll see we're struggling where your will hear we're struggling with the ceilings but confident we'll pull that together as well. the mark you up rooms there's key areas icu and a medicaid surgery room a mocked up schedule we'll team up the complexities and get the workflow together and advance the completion of the building. with that, i'll move onto the schedule slide. again as i mention we're looking
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at towards the end of may for the generator project to start to wrap up. we're having some administration issues with contract issues with some of the design team and hodgepodge i'll working through those now. hopeful that wouldn't extend the tail on the closeout of the project but physically what's landing in the building we've keeping that momentum going i'm confident the may, june time we'll see the project done and becoming the paperwork in sacramento and working with the design team. in terms of phase 4 the building proper as of this slide of
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december which was presented at the jc c we had gained a few weeks and we're seeing the early part of april. this presentation at least lags a little bit to update you to today we've lost a few yearbooks in the last 4 to 6 weeks. again struggling with the close up of ceilings making sure that all the intaushths have meeting inspection readiness. again we've got the team addressing those issues and confident that we'll resolve those. with this last run for the 14 months i think we are going to see the schedule whip around a little bit. we work through the next wave of activity.
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moving to local business incurs we've employed seven hundred and 67 san francisco receipts and we're riding over 25 percent of labor hours over the 25 percent of targeted threshold. in terms of local businesses we have one hundred and 51 contracts with local businesses under $60 million of contracts riding at the 9 percent of the trade passages again above our targeted threshold of 5 percent. at the last jc c we had questions of the activities or drivers shift those percentages and i believe yesterday a memo went out i put together with
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some more in debt daily that was too deep into the weeds to present here it talks about the channels as well as opportunities to help drive towards a higher number of local hiring. there will be some factors in terms of types of trades are out of our control but we're always meeting with the groups those trades to encourage to maximize the participation. and with that, i'll ask mark to start addressing some of the current budget status >> thanks ron mark. commissione commissioner. s he passed out a supplement
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i'll start here and talk about the budget even though this data a month and a half over tracking around 75 percent of the pace even if construction some of the one hundred and 31 excuse me. million that you see at the bottom we've spent 6 hundred and 10 we're at 71 percent at the beginning of january. the sheet you have i put together as a result of some questions that came out of the jc c in february. and what this does is it lends clarity to the finance costs 4 categories the under writers discount the whole process of selling the bonds like title insurance provides risk for providers and the register fee
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that breaks down the sales about 2.9 million shy of 3 million. the second category with the process of issuing the bonds the legal costs and printing of the statements the rating agencies come in and do a economic healthness and do a report. and then a whole host of financial advisory that are picked up through the controller's office of finance. the next two categories are actually chartered and set cs if you are remember in prop f in 2002 created an oversight committee basically as a result of some of the poor management of the school district their
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bond program just got into the ballot and passed it created an oversight committee to look at the projects so this costs is one-tenth of one percent of our total bond so .001 of 8 hundred and 70 million give us 8 hundred and 874 hundred thousand. and that basically funds the committee. the second charged category the controllers set up in 2004 an audit the city services audit division that costs is 2 tenths of 2 percent comes in at the 3.8 that fund funds any kind of review or audit that the controllers deems whether the contractors or the design team.
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as a result of those questions we put that together. now getting back to this presentation on the bond sale side we've also listed as you see a percentage rate there starting in the first bond in 2009 to the current one we solid on january 16th. this is the percentage that the city has to pay back for the borrowing of that money over a 20-year period you see back in 2009 the interest rate was high and 2011 to 2012 you could get money for less than 2 percent so when we solid bond in 2012, we got a rate of 2.71 and our last
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bond rate went up to 3.35. they bid this there were 7 bidders and then how the city pays that back t it collects if you're a homeowner in the city your are first property tax is duodecimal 10 and the section april 10th i believe. the city makes two payments to pay back it's debt 5 days after december 15th and the second payment like a mortgage in june 15th so that's how the money is paid back in two payments on an annual basis for a period of 20 years >> i think it goes back to truce kin. >> i'll wrap up the
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presentation for some of our community highlights. february straight up community newsletter i passed out hopefully, you've got a copy it goes out to 23 hundred residents around the hospital. this issue focuses on the new art panel that was selected for the emergency department based on input from patients and staff and visitors at the hospital. and then also some of the heros and hearts after dark activities that happen in february as well. and some of the community heros that were nominated for that event. we continued to do regular construction notifications for our staff and others wherever there's an impact to them and also for social media our facebook followers continue to
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grow we hit 4 thousand in february and 4 hundred and 50 twitter followers we use those as communication as well. looking to spring community meeting as well so that planning is in the works for that. we'll open up for questions now. thank you >> any public comment on this item? >> there's no public comment requests. >> commissioners. >> any comment. >> the timeline our talking about which is at the moment looking at 4 to 6 weeks but you anticipate you'll be able to catch up; is that right. >> yeah. we'll got a lot of things in play and we ran that back in its the numbers of
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activities we're got going on i should underscore where we sit today is one day before computable completion so we're a day early rather than a month early so i should underscore the positive side of that as well. >> do you anticipate once you've done that that most because now you're talking about transition planning and all would therefore most of the delays of that the walls and everything would be over and we're doing the interiors now and there are less possibilities of delays? i think right now we're in the period of trying to tease out our rhythm in terms of the new activities and, if you will, get our legs on closing the ceilings
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in that respect. the risk ahead of us is, you know, we have good momentum on the interior the exterior is propping u wrapping. we're soon be embarking on the enabling projects that go into the basement i thought existing hospital. whenever you enter into an old building and start remodeling you'll advance and do pass, consent to have surprises so that's the next big risk factor. strategically, if you will, i've established what i call a firewall between us and the risk so much as the primary contract to deliver this about this is independent of the two projects that are in plan review to do the remodel for the tie-in and
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the basement tunnel and the second floor bridge. so in terms of opening the hospital those two remodels operationly should be done but when push comes to shove we've captured the scope to do the break through that's the safety zone to make sure that has a clear path to completion so we don't expose ourselves to delay costs. there's a number of strategic buffers, if you will, to help mitigate what we could encounter on the risk spectrums >> thank you for your report if commissioner singerer were here
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he'd appreciate the lbd. you're able to hit 9 percent >> yeah. we've been leveling off are 9 percent we were leveling high in particular the drywall contractors a large amateur of dollars and manpower we're working to help to improve on their performance they've been dragging down the curve, if you will, but we've been trailing at the 9 percent and most of the packages are bought out we're looking forward to the beauty out of the basement and second in charge author as the next opportunity to interject more ftes and on the flip side often we see towards the end a slight dip change orders that
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have occurred along the way sometimes they result in f b e who reached too much scope and background away sometimes the change orders favor one trade vs. innovating another so that's a bit of a variable how it plays out tends when you reconcile historically that we see a little dip at that point but we'll be comfortably coming in at plus or minus the percent arrest i want to note for the record you have 44 million isolated for i t so i think this includes does that include the h i r work. >> cherry is more adverse on the breakdown.
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>> maybe we can go to the fcc. >> a good measure is the non bond eligible piece which terry has been spearheading and so we'll put that on for jc c design. commissioner sanchez >> i wondered if you have any thoughts in your observation of the protocol when this got underway we had issues with the state not only in the state of california but for the close out phase where the certification will come again and again are reanticipating or are they pretty much are we going to go
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through allocate period - >> yes, we'll got through a few more ringers the transition stage i mentioned before right now, we're focused with occupied and compliant with title 24 which is basically clooifr the building once we step into transition beyond the final complexion the focus is with the california public health department looking for the operations and meeting the code 22 there's a slight overlap of 22 and 24 and a whole group of personalities that inevitablely drives to another driver of change at the end. so it doesn't surprise me we'll see a wave of some follow-up
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projects to tied i didn't up to address concerns by licensing and personnel changes. i arrived here over 7 years ago at the admiring stage needs have shifted and lots of forces of change we're trying to be mindful and a of and deliver the project as envisioned and scheduled and we're balancing those out and again going back to strategically setting up so we can try to manage them one bite at that time, >> any questions. if not thank you for moving us into the transition phase along with the building itself.
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we appreciate your update weighing we'll look forward to the next one >> item 10 is the human resources update. >> good evening, commissioners thank you for letting me me take time to talk about human resources and hiring. i came on january 7th and told you will be the system some of the challenges we face i'm come back to check with you and come back for information on the advance. i made concessions with the
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unions local 21 the nurses and today s c i you misdemeanors groups they like to see us moving forward with the hiring and lots of good ideas and pinup ideas this is generally our mission statement within human resources we're going to support the department to make the operations run better and keep the staff up to provide services. just quickly i went over this in january why the process t is complicated the biggest reason we have the civil service commission we have 22 series to make sure we follow the rules
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and steps. that was created by the voters long, long ago and it's an independent entity which the mayor is to stay out of and the county human resources division is responsible for carrying out the policies. we have the state personnel system we get money from the state so the state feels american people obligation to keep an eye on our merit to make sure we're doing it properly. in fact, the system was behind the rule of the list we use a list and the personnel system required the city to stop doing that. we have our own internal policies. just briefly i want to talk about in the spring of 2013 it
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mocked up the guarantee first, we had the deficit we were installed and at the same time the merit section went down to a staff of one. we have 75 hundred employees and a turnover of 10 percent and have to do examines we can't have one person doing the examines. we had an ash tradition sdlement the union required us to hire employees we had to hire them permanently a it detailed the hiring process and then no more turnover it means their leaving at the same pace we're bringing them in we're fixing that we've moved the merit section to
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building and gone from one person to 3 one we hired monday and two weeks before that and a manager. we're partnering with the county and doing training and assisting us where our examines so we can catch up on the examines exams we're asking the county to do a pilot project see if we can get the hiring down to 90 days. other things planned next week weeping we'll be working to strategically schedule our exams that means wherever we're getting the most heating heat we're going to look at the
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operation sections and figure out how to do the exams on an operational basis. we're also hiring two operational managers they're responsible for the on board staff we're going to have a testing center which the city and county have created that have interviewing rooms to speed up the step forward process. i've askedism is there anything we can do what we all want is something like that this right how do we get from here to here. in addition to the things we're doing i know it would be very helpful if we could do a value streaming mapping progress i've been attending at the san